Dancing With Fantasy and Sci-Fi – reading challenge extraordinaire!

Hello people! How are you? I hope this new week is starting great for everyone! Today I am in for a day of relax! Sadly, I won’t be able to use my computer or to read much, I won’t be at home, but at least I won’t be at work, and that’s an amazing thing!

So, today I am here to share with all of you a reading challenge for the new year! Annemieke from Dancing with Books has organized this amazing challenge and I am really looking forward to starting it, because it’s about fantasy and sci-fi! You can’t ask for more, right???
Anyway, I am a lover of fantasy, every kind of it so I couldn’t resist. And one of the goals for the new year would be to try more things outside my comfort zone. Reading sci-fi would accomplish this goal without even trying. Amazing, I know! I have a complex relationship with this genre and I was hoping to resolve it in the new year, so I have just to jump on this challenge wagon!

And it gets better. Incredible, but true. Annemieke give us 52 prompts and they are quite a lot, a book per week, given or taken, but they are divided into three parts, fantasysci-fi , and general. You can try for all three of them, or just one or two of them. And there is more. She has done bingo cards! I may have a little penchant for them, but I fell in love with them and with this challenge, and I am really eager to start it!


I would try for all 52 prompts, even if I would really need help with the sci-fi ones, because I am really out of my depths here, but I would try my best!!!!

And what about you? Are you taking part in some reading challenges? Let me know!!!

Happy reading!

7 thoughts on “Dancing With Fantasy and Sci-Fi – reading challenge extraordinaire!

  1. Annemieke says:

    Yeay so glad you are joining us. I was quite pleased with myself with the bingo cards haha. 😀
    And always open to helping you out with some sci-fi titles. I really want to read more in this genre too.


  2. Lynn says:

    I’ve been thinking about joining this reading challenge as well! Only I don’t think my reading time will greatly improve next year, but I can still attempt to do this. Really want to read more of these genres as well!


  3. Sophie @ Blame Chocolate says:

    Best of luck with your challenge, Susy! I believe in you, you go get it girl 😀 It sounds really exciting and fun so I hope you enjoy yourself too ❤
    I won't be doing any other challenge besides the GR one, which I've tankfully finished by now anyway 🙂


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