I’m back… again!

So… hello everybody! I went on a hiatus, again. And it wasn’t planned. I really wanted to blog and share my reading and my thoughts and maybe other things, but mostly the reading, let’s be honest, with you all. I had a lot of ideas going around in my head but… I was tired. I hoped that the vacations would have taken care of that but… no such luck! My working schedule is quite… full, and after 9 hours of work I couldn’t find the energy in me to just turn on the computer, let’s not talk about writing something or going blog hopping. Even if I missed all of this immensely I didn’t have the energy. And I am sorry, because I have a ton of reviews to write, exciting reading challenges to share, and the end of the year is fast approaching and so I want to share with you the best and the worst of this 2018 and I am way way behind with that… but I hope I am back for good, and I have a lot of work to do!

And I am thinking about some changing around here, because just getting back to the work I have to do and that’s here waiting for me it wasn’t enough. I think that I may secretly love to complicate my own life. And that’s so not good! But, back on track… I am thinking about a more personal touch, because I have realized that I am just writing ARC reviews, for the most part, and I am not talking about the other books I read and love, and that has to stop. So I would try to change the things around here, at least a bit, and see what happens. The problem is… I don’t know how I would change them, yet, but I hope I would figure something before the ending of the year.

So, that’s all for today. Just a quick post to say hello! But tell me about you! I hope to find the time to come and visit you all soon, but in the meantime if you have started with the post about the best (or worst) of your year, or do you want to share a review, a tag or another kind of post, don’t be shy and leave the link in the comment! I would check them out ASAP! 

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