Weekly Wrap-Up #11

Hello world! How are you? Today I am really excited because I had a great week and I have done some wonderful reading! Also, it was my first week for the #Mythothon and I am really loving it!!!

What I am reading:


I know, this book was here in my last weekly wrap-up too, shame on me! But I have started it and then interrupted it because I gave precedence to other reading, and then I get a little bit sidetracked, but here I am, restarting it and this time I would go on till the end! So far it’s quite a fun, and absurd, reading and I think I am in for an enjoyable ride!

What I have read:

I had a busy and rich, really rich, week! I have finally read Monsters of Men by Patrick Ness. I had some problems with this book, and this series, I think it’s good, really, and we have so much in those pages but… it’s not the right reading for me, sadly. Then I finished Truly, Devious and I was expecting something more from it. It was quite a fast and enjoyable reading but… not enough. But then… oh my, there are them! *_* Magic Triumphs by Ilona Andrews is the tenth and last volume of the Kate Daniels series, and this is one of my favorite UF series ever! It was a really bittersweet reading, I hurt so much and, at the same time, I was so happy. And then I devoured The Hundred Thousands Kingdoms by N.K. Jemisin. Why I have waited so long before starting this one????

What I would read next:


I would read some other books for #Mythothon because I am really enjoying myself, but which one? That’s the problem!

Mythothon Report:


I have read four books from my TBR for this event and I think I am doing great, if I can say so myself!

Next Weeks:

From the 13th of November, I would be on a vacation and I would be away for two weeks, given or taken. At the moment I am trying to schedule some posts, because I won’t be with my personal computer but I would have my mobile and an internet connection, hopefully. So I’m trying to not disappear because in my mind I have a lot of reviews and posts that I want to share, so I’ll schedule something in here and I would keep on with the blog hopping from my phone. Or this is the masterplan! But I think that I won’t post a new weekly-wrap up, because it would be impossible, sadly!

So… that’s all for today! And how was your week? What have you read? And what would you read?

Happy reading!

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