Weekly Wrap-Up #10

Hello people, and happy Sunday! How are you? This week was really busy and I couldn’t blog as much as I wanted, and October is almost finished but… where it went??? This month flew by, really! Anyway… let’s talk about my week in books!

What I am reading:

I just started Peril in the Old Country by Sam Hooker, and so far I am captivated by it. It’s true that I haven’t read a lot of it, but I love the writing and it all seems… strange, but in a good way! And I am loving Iron Gold by Pierce Brown, even if this book hurts so much! I am reading it with two others girls because we need to support each others!

What I have read:

This week I ended the manga Orange with the volumes 5 and 6. I loved it. It was sooooo sweet! Yes, it wasn’t perfect but I loved it and I think I would watch the anime, too, even if I would wait a bit for it! And then I have read three books, and all three of them are ARCs, so yay! They all were really fast reading and I enjoyed them, even if I didn’t love them. But I would write the review (I hope sooner than later!).

What I would read next:


Shame on me, but I didn’t finish this! But I wanted to start Iron Gold as soon as it came out in Italy and I had the buddy read planned, so I chose to stop the reading of this one and start the new one! To be honest, I wasn’t so captivated by this book, so maybe a pause would do us good!

So… that’s all for today! And how was your week? What have you read? And what would you read?

Happy reading!

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