October’s TBR… sort of! Again…

Hello world! How are you? September is almost gone and October is so near that you can smell it on the air, isn’t it great?
Anyway, in September I didn’t write a real TBR but I had set a really specific goal for my reading: series! The last book, the second book, the fourth… whatever! The only requirement was for the book to be a part of a series that I have started in the past. I have mixed feeling toward my accomplishments for this month, but I would tell you all about it in the recap post, but I liked the idea to just set a goal instead of writing down a real TBR. Mind me, I love to write down TBRs and lists of books, I really, truly, madly love doing it, but I discovered that if all is good and well I follow them, given or taken, but if I am stressed or tired it’s hard to me to follow a list, I feel like it’s an imposition and I don’t do well with impositions. Hence the generic goal, and since October would be a tiring month, I would try again with the goal.

So… are you ready to discover my October reading goal?



Yep, ARCs. In September I wasn’t good with my ARCs, because I read only series, so I decided to dedicate some more time to them in October. I won’t try and read just ARCs because I am used to reading an ebook and a physical book together, and since I don’t possess any physical ARCs the thing would be impossible, and also because I’d like to read at least a couple of books that I can choose with a roll of the dices (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can read it here!), but my focus would be on the books that I have received from the authors and from NetGalley, and I am looking forward to them all!

Have you written your October TBR? Or an Autumn Reading List? What would you read the next month? Let me know!

Happy reading!

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