August Wrap-Up!

Hello world! How are you? I am really happy because it seems that my reading slump is gone and I am so so happy! I can read again, yay! I have some great plans for my September reading and I was fearing for them, but all is well that ends well, right?!
Anyway, I know that it’s a little early for an end of the month recap, but I have decided to do it now because today I wasn’t in the right mood to write a review (even if I have a ton of them to write!) so here I am!

Currently reading: 

At the moment I am reading these two books, but I hope to finish them for the real end of the month, so here they are: How to Live Japanese it’s from NetGalley and it’s an interesting and fascinating reading! And I am reading also the Italian edition of this Swedish Thriller.

August Reading Stats:
Books read: 17 + 1 short novella + 1 graphic novel
Ebook: 11
Books: 8
ARCs: 6


The first three books are an Italian series, I have started to read it the last month and I just couldn’t stop. Now I have to wait for the next book and I know that the waiting will be a long one! Those books are amazing! And finally, I have read Legion by Brandon Sanderson. I have lusted after this book for years! And I loved it!

They were so so good!

I need more Gail Carriger in my life. Her books are so amazing! To be honest, I didn’t love the first book in The Finishing School series, but I liked it and this second book enchanted me! La Sostanza del Male is an Italian thriller and it was… wow! I loved it! And then there is Godblind. I fear for the second book, really, really fear!

They were good!

The Oremere Chronicles is a great series and I really liked these two books! Lethal Copycats is a really really short novella, but it was an interesting reading and I think I would read other books on the same theme because it’s sadly actual and I don’t know enough.  The Girl with the Crystal Eyes is another Italian mystery, and I have read it in Italian. It was a good book and I like the author, so no big surprise! Blackwood Marauders is another good book that I really liked, while A Bite-Sized History of France was an interesting and entertaining reading.

Not bad

Those three books were quite enjoyable and I liked them, even if all of them could have been something more. Anyway, I liked them!


It’s not that I didn’t like these books at all, but I was expecting more from both of them and, in the end, I was quite disappointed by their reading.

August wasn’t a great month for the blog, but it was a great month for the reading, reading slump aside. I read a lot of amazing books and I hope that September would be at least as pleasant as August!

My Reviews:

Song by Jesse Teller
All in Duet (Even Money and Double Down) by Alessandra Torre
– Heart of Mist by Helen Scheuerer
Tied to Deceit by Neena H. Brar

And this was my August in books! How was your month??

Happy reading!


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