July Wrap-up!

Hello people! How are you? I’m looking forward to September, or October… October would be even better because I am really hating the hot weather! I need cool air, rain and not this high humidity! I sweat even when I am reading! How is it possible????
But I am here to speak about the books and July was quite a good month… I read a lot and I read a lot of good books, so… yay!
Ah, I have changed a bit the wrap-up because I was having an hard time with the rating system: I changed my idea a lot and I was always checking my Goodreads profile or my reviews to see if I remembered the rating right… or changing the rating again and again, so I decided to show you my readings not by stars, but by some other “tags” and here we are!

July Reading Stats:
Books read: 17+  2 novella +  6 manga +  2 graphic novel
Ebook: 12
Books: 5
ARCs: 4



This one is an Italian mystery and they haven’t translated it in English, I’m sorry, but I loved this one! The characters are amazing, and even if the mystery part is not the main focus of the book I was hooked up from the start to the end!

They were good!

Almost all the other reading of this month were quite good and I loved them all! And then There Were Crows was a pleasant surprise, while Double Down was as good as I was expecting! I loved the first one and I was dying to read it, and I am so glad to say that it doesn’t disappoint in the least! These two books are ARCs, like Scorpio Hates Virgo. I really liked this one, because it’s a fun and engaging reading! And then I finally read Career of Evil and I need the sequel now!! I have to wait at least until September and the waiting is killing me, argh! And I am also happy to have read Infinity Bell. This is the second book of a trilogy I have started some years ago. I am glad to have read the second book!

Then I have read two novellas of two urban fantasy series I love: Brighter than the Sun and Magic Gifts. Jones is perfect if you want something sassy and fun, while Andrews is perfect and that’s that! I have read a manga series, too, Totally Captivated, six volumes, and I liked it even if it’s not the best reading ever, if I have to be honest. And then we have Traitor’s Moon, the third book in the Nightrunner installment. I love this series and Alec and Seregil are great! And Song, that was an interesting reading.

July was a good month for the graphic novels because I have read a manga series and two graphic novels, yay! Quando c’era LVI is an Italian satirical work, and Nimona. I loved both of them! I have also read The Tokyo Zodiac Murders, that was in my wish-list since forever! Affinity was a great surprise and I loved it! And I am also happy because I managed to continue Deanna Madden’series, with the second book: Do not disturb. I hope to read the third one soon because I like this series, a lot!

In July I did the good girl and I continued a lot of series, because I continued Rebel of the Sands with the second book, and I have read also two books by Faith Hunter of her main series: Have Stakes Will Travel, that is a collection of short stories about Jane Yellowrock, and Broken Souls, the eight book in the series! I liked them a lot and I hope to go on with the other ones really soon, too! I have read another Italian book, Victorian Vigilante, that was really good and I finally read Skulduggery Pleasant. I had a lot of fun with this reading!

Not bad


This one wasn’t a bad book and I liked it, I think, but I wasn’t so interested or so captured by it… all in all, I was expecting something more. But it’s a highly original book, that’s for sure!

My Reviews:
The Great Hearts by David Oliver
Napa Noir by Peter Eichstaedt
Jamie Quinn Mistery #1-3 by Barbara Venkataraman

And this was my July in books! How was your month??

Happy reading!

12 thoughts on “July Wrap-up!

  1. Jackie B @ Death by Tsundoku says:

    Holy buckets, Suzy! You read a TON!!! I’m so glad to see that the majority of the books you read were positive experiences. I’ve only read a handful of these, but I adore Skullduggery Pleasant for the silly humor and Nimona for, well, everything! I also like this rating system– you’re right, it should be easy. Keep up the great work!

    Liked by 1 person

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