ARC Review: Rise and Run

Hello world! How are you? Ready for this month to end? We’re almost there! And I need a little bit of rest (ok, who I am kidding? I need a lot of rest!). I have to wait until the middle of July and it’s fast approaching, yay!
Anyway, today I am here to talk about a book that wasn’t in my plans. I never heard of it prior to some days ago, when I saw it on NetGalley. And I wasn’t even there to request new titles!!!! The thing is that that day I was on NetGalley after finishing Obsidio and I was all wrapped up in my poor feelings, laughing, crying, screaming all internally and all at the same time. I wasn’t thinking about my next reading at all, I was just there to leave a feedback, but then I clicked on the “Find New Titles” button (I swear my hands did that on their own volitions!) and I saw this book, that was a “Read now” one, and I couldn’t resist… I don’t know why, to be honest, but I downloaded it immediately and started reading it right away!

So, a big thank you to NetGalley and to the editor. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


Title: Rise and Run
Series: A Broken Man Novel #1
Author: R.J. Plant
Date publication: February 13th, 2018
Page count: 285

Felix and Conor Quinn are brothers at odds. After starting life as a less-than-ethical government experiment, the brothers now share the same body. When their adoptive father, illegal trades mogul Rian Connell, receives a tip that his niece is in danger, he sends Felix to track her down. The assignment brings up bad memories for Felix. It also threatens to bring Conor’s dark secrets to light—secrets that necessitate the manufacture of a drug to suppress his genome.

More pressing problems arise once Felix finds Kaitlyn. He soon realizes that Government Directive International (GDI)—one of the last governments of post-War 2042—has disturbing plans for him. By the time Felix realizes that Kaitlyn was only bait to lure him in, it’s already too late. GDI’s Agent-in-Charge doses Felix with a lethal, fast-acting virus, bringing Conor to the surface.

Immune to Felix’s virus thanks to his genomic difference, Conor must take up the mantle of uncovering the secrets of his past … before they get everyone around him killed. Every instinct tells Conor to run like hell, but in the end, his only choice may be to outsmart GDI. Or bring the organization crashing down. 


Let me tell you that this book was a beautiful surprise! To be honest, this is not my cup of tea and I really don’t know why I have opened its page on NetGalley but after reading the plot I was so curious that I have downloaded it and started it right away.
And I couldn’t put it down!!!

The best thing about this book is Connor. I liked the idea of two different persons in one body, it’s original and well developed. Felix and Connor aren’t two different personalities, but two different persons altogether, they are the result of some government experimentations and they are a chimera. Felix is the one who has the control of the body for the majority of the time, but the stronger one is Connor, usually the “dormant” one. But when the things get thought is him who come out to play, and so we would see more of him than Felix in these pages.

And my poor heart kept broking on Connor. My feelings were devasted by Obsidio and Connor delivered the final blow! I have hurt for him a lot and during the reading, all I wanted to do was to take him home and gave him a biscuit, because he was so sweet, in a psycho way, yep, but sweet nonetheless. I think I may have a strange idea of what is sweet, that’s for sure, but this is not the point here. The point is that Connor is a great character and that I left a little piece of my heart with him.

I think that I could go on and on gushing about Connor, but I am here to talk about the book too, and not just about him, so… the story was intriguing and fast-paced. I wasn’t bored while reading and I was hooked up almost from the start. I had to put it down to sleep, but the next morning I founded all the excuses to go back and read it, and it finished too soon!!!!!
I really hope that the author is working on the second book right now because I want more of Connor!!!!!!! I am curious about the story! I need to know what would happen now!

The world-building isn’t top-notch, that’s true, but the concept is interesting and the author did a good job. It could be better and I hope to see more of this new world in the next books, but the premises are good. And we have others interesting characters, Connor aside. Rian is a complex one, for example, even if I am not so fond of him, and I hope to read more about him. To be honest, it would have been great to read something more about him in this book, too. I am not talking about more scenes with him, but more about his background or about his activities and so on… but I am not complaining here, just saying!


So, that’s all for today, people! Did you read this book? Or have you heard about it? Let me know! 

Happy reading!

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