Bookish Chit-Chat #1

Hello world! It’s me… again! It seems that I need more hiatus in the last period, and I don’t know why… it may be this spring that seems autumn, and then summer, and then autumn again, that mess with my head (and body… in a month I’ve caught the cold 4 times!!!!) and that makes me exhausted, or something else altogether, I really don’t know but the fact is that I disappeared again. It’s almost a habit. The blogger who disappear once in a while, that’s me!

Anyway, all things considered, May was a great month for my reading! And I have a ton of reviews to write, and the month is almost finished (and wow! I’m constantly forgetting that we are at the end of the month!!!) so it’s the right time for all the recap posts, but… I wanted to write about something else, today, I want to chat with you about all the things I missed and I want to share my readings with you… so yeah, probably this post would be similar to a WWW… Wednesday for some parts, just to give you an idea of what you will find reading on!

So… this month there was a fantastic event: Wyrd and Wonder and even if I didn’t participate as much as I was hoping I had a lot of fun and I read fantasy all month long. Fantastic, right?!

And speaking about reading… I am reading The Liar’s Key by Mark Lawrence, and I am having a lot of fun! Also, I am really happy to have started this book, because I really wanted to go on with this series and I am dying to start the new Lawrence’s trilogy.
I am reading a NetGalley’s ARC too, but at the moment I am not so happy about it. The New Voices of Fantasy is a short stories collection and I had some expectations, but I am bored by it. So far I have read 7 stories (we have 19 stories in this book) and I liked the concept of one of them and nothing else… I really hope that the things would go better with the others stories but my expectations at the moment are really low.


Last week I finished a book (and a series) that I loved so so so much and that gave me the worst book hangover ever! It’s passed a week and I can’t find the right words to say how much I liked it and how much you can find between its pages, but I hope to talk to you about it in a review or in a special post because I need to share the love! I’m speaking about Etched in Bone by Anne Bishop, the fifth and last volume of The Others series.


All in all, I am really happy about all the books that I have read this month, currently reading apart, but there is some hope for that too, and I really enjoyed the fantasy theme. It’s true that I read mostly fantasy in any case, but a month entirely dedicated to it? It was pure bliss! But I would speak more about my past reading in the recap for the end of the month because I read some great books and I am dying to speak about them!

And that would be all for today, but I hope to be back really soon with other posts! And now it’s time to tell me more about you! What are you reading this week? Did you know the Bishop’s series? (If your answer is “no”… what are you waiting for????) And if you want to link in the comment some of your recent posts you will make me a really happy girl! I have missed so much that it would take time, a lot of time, to catch up with all that I’ve missed, so if you’re feeling like sharing some of your latest posts, or something that you think it’s un-missable (is this even a word?) let me know!!!!
Happy reading!

9 thoughts on “Bookish Chit-Chat #1

  1. Jackie B @ Death by Tsundoku says:

    I am also currently a bit stuck in a NetGalley short story anthology eARC. I don’t know why it’s taking me so long to finish it! I started the collection last July… O_o I hope to get it done by the end of June at least.

    Every time I hear about an amazing bookish event it’s already long gone. How disappointing! I would have loved to participate in that event myself. How do you find these things, Susy?

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  2. imyril says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed Wyrd and Wonder! Honestly, the idea is as much to have the excuse to enjoy fantasy all month and get some chatter as right posts about it (which is good, as my life got in the way of me doing much blogging the second half of the month too!)

    I’ve loved having a month of just fantasy – and weirdly I’m not sick of it. I usually end SciFiMonth feeling like I’ve read nothing but SF ALL YEAR AND FOREVER but that hasn’t happened with Wyrd and Wonder – maybe I genuinely do read more SF these days, or maybe I really do love fantasy more after all – who knows 😉

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    • Susy's Cozy World says:

      I loved it! And I think it was epic, I am really looking forward to the next year!
      And for me it’s the same, I thought that after this month I would be glad to read something non-fantasy and I had made some plans about it, too, but so far I am keeping with fantasy, all plans be damned! 😉

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