Weekly Wrap-Up! #1


Hello world! How are you? I thought about joining this meme for quite a lot, but between hiatus, semi-hiatus and ARCs reviews I never found the right moment… but now here I am! And I am really, really happy! I don’t know who credit with this one… so sorry! If you know, write it down on the comment, please.

Anyway, in May I hope to be a lot more active, and if all goes according to plan I would be really active in the blog community this month (but just this month. In June I hope to be quite active, but not so much… In May I would post more than normal to celebrate Wyrd and Wonder, and if you don’t know yet what this is… well, keep on reading!)

Books I’ve read this week:


The Case of the Killer Divorce and Peril in the Park are volumes 2 and 3 of the Jamie Quinn series, a fun cozy mystery series. They were sent to me by the author and I think (or better, I hope) that these two would be the only non-fantasy reading of the month. Gifts of the Blood was one of the last reading of April, but I finished it on Monday, so here it is. And then I have read Stalking Darkness by Lynn Flewelling. This one is the second book in the Nightrunners series and it’s a re-reading, because I’ve read the first two books some years ago and now I want to finish it, because it’s really a good series, and I decided to re-start it! Obviously, I loved this one!

What am I reading?


The first one is an Italian book and it’s not translated, but it’s a fantasy, or to be more precise, is an urban fantasy. I am not a fan of Italian fantasy writers (with some happy exceptions to the rule) but I wanted to give this one a try. I was hoping for something better, but I was fearing far worse… so, so far, so good! And, at last, I’ve started Crooked Kingdom! I wanted to finish this series really bad, but I kept choosing other readings, until now! I’ve just started it, but I am enjoying the reading!

This week on the blog:

1.First thing first: Wyrd and WonderAn entire month dedicated to fantasy. How can I resist? And I know… I’ve talked about it a million time, here, on Twitter, on Instagram too, but bear with me, my friends! I am really excited about it!

2. April’s Gone. My monthly recap of all non-bookish things!

3.  April Wrap-Up. My bookish monthly recap.

4. Series Maniac! #1 A new meme completely dedicated to the series! And the lucky protagonists of this first post are fantasy series, not too famous and mostly YA, that I’ve finished and loved!

Coming soon:

Soon on these pages you would find: some overdue reviews of fantasy ARCs (and I am feeling quite proud of myself for writing them!), a new post for the wonderful Down the TBR Hole meme (fantasy themed, obviously) and something else… I cannot show all my cards in advance!!!

And what about your week? What have you read? And how was this week for your blog? If you wrote a similar post, comment with your link!
Happy reading!

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