January Wrap Up!

Hello everyone! I hadn’t planned to take this mini-hiatus but, hey, real life happens (or better… the longest working schedule ever happens!) and here we are, in the middle of February (and where the first half went???????) and I am trying to post the wrap up for my January’s readings. I know I am late but January was a really good month for the reading me, and I’ve read soooo many good books, that I have to talk about them, at least for a little bit!

January Reading Stats:
Books read: 16 + 2 DNF
Ebook: 12
Books: 4
ARCs: 2

5 stars

4.5 stars 

4 stars

3.5 stars
auatbbcyuvoalk (I didn’t find an English edition for this one, sorry!)

3 stars
kp6b6uupxic8dyxvjmxfgvqepx42woxic3o (this is a book of short stories not horror or gothic by E.A. Poe)

2 stars
gsuy4gd(This was the worst reading of the month!)

Resolutions: (click here to see the original post)
1) 1 book from my Tbr Bingo (to know more about it, click here2 books: Racconti umoristici by E.A. Poe and The Possible Lives of Greta Wells
2) 1 book from my Tbr Bingo ebook edition 5 books: The Fury’s Kiss, Mercurio, The fact of a Body (is one of the DNF book), Eliza and her Monsters, Saint Astrays
3) 1 book from one of my book jars Reap the Wind
4) 1 book from another of my book jars (i have three of them and I never use them, shame on me!!!!)  Mercurio
5) 1 ARC 2 books: Fire and Bone, 19 Souls
6) 1 fantasy from my list (I would write a post about this list really soon, I promise!) 2 books: Every Heart a Doorway, Traitor’s Blade
7) 1 book for my online yearly challenge on Goodreads Fury’s Kiss
8) 1 book from one of my other list: Biblioholism

I am really happy because I was lucky, really really lucky and I liked a lot of my January’s reading, and I have finished two series, so yeah, that was great, too!
How was your January? And did you read some of these books? What do you think about them? Let me know!!!!
Happy reading!


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