ARC Review: 19 Souls

Hello everyone! How are you? And how are your readings going? I am liking the books that I am reading, but I am going so slow… I wasn’t expecting it, but I can’t complain too much seeing as how I am enjoying the reading nonetheless! Anyway… I am here with a new review, I am a bit late with this one, but at last here I am!

Thanks to NetGalley and to the editor. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


Title: 19 Souls
Author: J.D. Allen
Publication:  February 8th 2018
Page count: 360

Private Investigator Jim Bean is a straightforward, to-the-point man. When his latest client, Sophie Evers, asks him to find her brother Daniel, Jim has no idea how complicated his life is about to become.

Daniel is not Sophie’s brother. He is her most coveted prey. Clinging to the belief that they belong together, Sophie kills Daniel’s real sister to manipulate Jim into flushing Daniel out of hiding. She will create the “perfect life” for the only man she’s ever loved, no matter how many people she must kill along the way.

When Jim discovers the truth about Sophie, he’s driven to set things right before her delusional plan claims even more souls.


This review is overdue, I know… the book came out almost a week ago and I read it for time, but I couldn’t manage to sit down and write this review sooner, anyway, I’m not too late! The book just come out so you can check it out if you are interested in it!
And now… the book! I was in a mood for a good thriller and this one didn’t disappoint me! Yes, I have to say that this is not the best thriller ever and that I didn’t love the characters, but it was a good reading nonetheless and not all the books can be the best, so good is enough.
The idea behind the story is good, I found it intriguing and I when I read the blurb I was really curious. It’s quite original and it has a lot potential, so I dug in the reading with a lot of curiosity! And it’s fast-paced too. Intriguing, gripping and, in some parts, addicting. You just have to turn page after page to see what would happen.
I wasn’t so hooked up from the start because I had some problems with the main character. It’s not that I think Jim is a bad character, I liked him, sort of, but it seemed like I couldn’t click with him, like something was lacking for me, even if he’s not a bad MC. He has a past, like almost all the protagonist of this kind of book and I think that, maybe, I would have liked him more if the author had shown us more of his past. Anyway, he was ok: he’s a decent guy that tries as hard as he can to do the right thing and I liked this thing a lot.
And then we have the villain… wow, she’s crazy, like really crazy! Batshit crazy, tbh! She can’t take no for an answer and she is scary!
I was expecting the “big revelation” (basically that she lied to Jim all the time) to be not so soon in the story, but I am not complaining about this, I’m just saying.
In the end, it’s a fast-paced book, with a crazy bad girl and a softhearted PI with a good plot and an original idea. In a word: enjoyable!

rating3and half!

So… that’s all. What about you? Did you read this book? Or are you planning to read it? Let me know!
Happy reading!

3 thoughts on “ARC Review: 19 Souls

  1. Jenn @ Bound to Writing says:

    I saw a review of this one yesterday and love the idea of this book! It sounds like a good thriller, that I would enjoy. In the other review, it was mentioned that the MC is not really as enjoyable. I like that the antagonist is the complete opposite of the MC. I think this is still a good option for my TBR list. Great review!


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