The Worst Reading of 2017!

Hi everyone! How are you doing? And your reading? Are they going well? I’m back with another recap post. You have to bear with me, because I just can’t write a post in which I tell you which was my best reading, and which was the worst, or which new author I discovered this year and loved the most, etc… because I simply cannot choose just one book, so here we are with this endless series of post!

  1. Stone Cold Bastard by Jake Bible. This was an ARC and it was the worst ARC of this year. The idea was really good and I was fascinated by it, but the book was boring and plain.ddijpt8
  2. The Witch’s Ladder by Dana E. Donovan. I was expecting a great start for a new(to me) series, and I found boredom everywhere. Pity!cy6dkp4
  3. Ossessione Color Cremisi di Simona Liubicich. This is an Italian book and there isn’t an English translation, so you just have my word for it but… this was bad. It was quite fascinating and it wasn’t hard to read at all, it was fast, that I have to concede, but oh my… there are a lot of things that aren’t good in this book that I don’t know where to start.wpcrxef
  4. Leaving Amarillo by Caisey Quinn. Ok, for me this book was a bad reading. Too much angst and stress. I know that a lot of readers really enjoy this series, but I haven’t the barest want to keep up with it.ruzjfd4
  5. Mata Hari’s Last Dance by Michelle Moran. The first half of the book was quite interesting, and I don’t know a lot about Mata Hari, so I was captured by it. But the second half was bad. In the first part we have a main character intriguing and interesting, good, with a lot of good qualities, in the second half we have a different main character, stupid, confused, naive at a fault. But it’s not really a different character. She’s always her, but it seems like we have two different characters.vetmr38
  6. Casanova di se stessi by Aldo Busi. This is another Italian book and it’s the only DNF on my list. It was so hard to keep reading it that I simply surrendered.p3b2wpp
  7. Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones. I know that a lot of readers enjoyed this book a lot, but even if I loved the idea and even if the author did a lot of research for this book (that or she really knows a lot about this part of mythology) the book itself wasn’t good and was a really big disappointment to me. The main character whines and whines and whines and whines some more. And I can’t suffer whiny character.zztpxbr
  8. Night Vision by Ella West. I’ve read the Italian edition but this is just a minor detail. I hated the main character, she’s quite stupid, ungrateful, annoying and stupid, have I said yet that she’s not the brightest in the box? This reading was really annoying!


So… I am done! These were the worst reading of 2017. I hope to do better reading in this new year! And which are your worst books of the last year? Let me know!
Happy reading!


9 thoughts on “The Worst Reading of 2017!

  1. Inge | The Belgian Reviewer says:

    I love the cover of Wintersong though, too bad the story wasn’t as good as the cover. My worst reads were See What I Have Done and Cause of Death, both because the writing just didn’t click for me. I also thought The Breakdown (yes by that B.A. Paris) was just okay and I expected so much of the plot. I haven’t read her Behind Closed Doors yet but everyone was raving so much I expected something that wawed me and that didn’t really happen.

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  2. Vish Patel says:

    Omg you are the first person who agrees that the ‘wintersong’ was really not a great book. I read it and i almost left it DNF 3 times. I kept thinking now something might happen which changes the story and makes it amazing…now something will happen but i was utterly bored!
    And I couldnt understand why people were raving about it. Even the writing style didnt suite me at all. So glad someone else saw what i did! 😀

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