2018 Resolutions

Hi everyone! How are you? And how were your vacations? I hope you all enjoyed yourself and relaxed a bit! (And I hope that you started the year with a wonderful book, obviously!). I’m really happy to be back on my blog and I am really excited about all the recap posts I would write in the next days! But I want to celebrate my coming back to blogging with my resolutions and goal for the new year!

Reading Goals

Usually on Goodreads I set my reading goal on 200 books, but in 2017 I didn’t reach that number. I’ve read 154 books and it was a lot, all things considered, so this year I would try for a less ambitious number and I’ve set my goal to 120. It seems more manageable this way.

And I have made a list of goals for my monthly reading, hoping to stay on track with them:
1) 1 book from my Tbr Bingo (to know more about it, click here)
2) 1 book from my Tbr Bingo ebook edition
3) 1 book from one of my book jars
4) 1 book from another of my book jars (i have three of them and I never use them, shame on me!!!!)
5) 1 ARC
6) 1 fantasy from my list (I would write a post about this list really soon, I promise!)
7) 1 book for my online yearly challenge on Goodreads
8) 1 book from one of my other list (I simply love to make list, and what’s better than lists about books??? But I write them down and then I simply forgot about them. No more! The abuse of the lists has to stop!!!)

I also hope to finish (or to keep up with) at least 5 series. It’s not a high number, isn’t it?


Blogging Goal

1)I really hope to don’t disappear without notice this year. It may happen because it’s not something you plan ahead but hey, I would try to write a couple of sentences to excuse myself!
2)I want to make my little blog grow, so I hope to double my follower and to double also the blogs that I follow
3) Write more post not book related
4) Write at least 4 reviews for month
5) Keep up with NetGalley reviews
6) Be more involved with the bookbloggers community, both with blog and twitter
7) To be more organized and to schedule my posts in advance!

So… I think that that’s all folk, at least for today! Have you any advice to help me reach my goals? And what are your resolutions for the new year? Let me know! And if you wrote a blog about it let me know in the comment! I’d be glad to read it!
Happy reading and happy new year!

17 thoughts on “2018 Resolutions

  1. aravenclawlibrary says:

    I hope you reach your goals! I should have set some bookish goals for myself! lol. I like your idea of the tbr jar. I really need to make myself one. It might get me to read my owned books and maybe I’ll be able to get more. hahaha! 🙂

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  2. Kathy @ Books & Munches says:

    I love your goals and I hope you make them all!
    I also made a bingo for myself this year but with prompts rather than specific books. And, as you, I loooove my lists. I typed out all my unread physical books and am hoping to tick off as many as possible this year. Honestly, I’m nearing 150 unread books and even my boyfriend is starting to get frustrated whenever I even look at a book while shopping, haha.

    Good luck!!

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  3. crimson613 says:

    i think every year for my goodreads challenge i set myself a super high number but this year i told myself i’d be more realistic, esp bc reading slumps! i can usually get to 20 books so that was my goal this year (also WOW i’m so amazed by people who can read 100s of books a year like HOW teach me your black magic!)

    and all those lists sound awesome and now i’m going to look for them! i like trying out challenges bc they’ll make me start books i otherwise wouldn’t

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    • susyscozyworld says:

      Usually I found that if I set a super high number than I am not motivated to follow up with the challenges, so I try to set a doable goal, something that works for me… even if you can’t always say how your year would be!
      And I agree with you with the challenges, I love them because I discover a lot of new books and they help me choose the next reading (that’s something that makes me struggle!)

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  4. Kristina says:

    Good luck with thoses !!
    also, that owl notebook in the picture is so adorable !! 😍​😍​ Just a tip, you could easily do tags so it’s not “only books” ? it’s a fun way to tell us more about yourself I think 🙂

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