Unexpected hiatus and the worst reading slump ever!

Hi people! The blog went on an unexpected hiatus because I had some problems with my internet connections and I had to wait to solve them because of my non-standard time schedule at work. And once I solved them I was in the worst reading slump ever! And with no free time on my hands (yes, this was bad organization on my part, I have to be honest and admit it), so I terribly neglected the blog.


I’m sorry and I’ve missed all of you and your blogs, as much as I’ve missed speaking with you about books and all the other things! I hope to catch up with all the things that I’ve missed, but if you think that there is a post that I absolutely need to read, please don’t be shy and leave me the link in the comment! I would gladly come to check it up ASAP!


I’m so glad to be back!
Happy reading!

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