Hello people!

Today I have to confess you something… I am a book hoarder. I know, it would be wise to buy just the book that you can read, maybe two or three more but you do not need your shelves overflowing with books that are waiting their turn, right? Wrong!!!!!
I keep saying that I do have nothing to read and that I need more books! And so here I am with shelf after shelf full of books that I want to read (and don’t get me started with my loyal e-reader!!) but there are tons of books that I want to buy/read.
Maybe I have a problem, but I like to think of myself like a little book dragon who hoard books, just in case. A happy little book dragon, is this not awesome?!

Anyway… I need to read them and I found this challenge on Litsy and I fell in love with it on sight because it really seems the right solution to my problems, at least for a while.
It’s the TBR Bingo. You have to make a Bingo card with the books that you want to read (you can do it all by yourself, handmade your own cards, or you can use some sites, that can make for you some cute cards!) and you can reward yourself with a new book, or a small gift, or whatever you prefer, every time you make a bingo. Don’t you think is a cute way to empty your shelves (real or digital)?

I had to make two different bingo cards, one for the books and one for the ebooks, and I’d like, I really really would like, to finish at least one of them before Christmas, but it’s just wishful thinking.


In the pic above you can see my ebooks’ card, in the one below there is the card for the books.

hootirhIt’s an ambitious project, but I hope it would help me to not buy new books for some time!

Did you know about this challenge? Have you tried it yet?
Obviously, if you want to join in, well, you are welcome!
Happy reading!

14 thoughts on “TBR BINGO!

  1. Ilsa @ A Whisper Of Ink says:

    YES FOR LITTLE HAPPY DRAGONS WHO HOARD BOOKS. To be fair, I only have like 8 books on my shelves that I haven’t read but I don’t own many books so… BUT SO MANY E-BOOKS OMIGOSH. AND NETGALLEY E-ARCS! I’m afraid I’ll never catch up.

    I hardly ever participate in reading challenges because…1)effort 2)I’m such a failure! I did participate in #ARCAUGUST last month and it was okay (?). Who knows, maybe I’ll start taking an interest in these things.

    Your bingo looks so cute and good luck!

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    • susyscozyworld says:

      Happy dragons are the best! πŸ˜‰
      I love challenges because it helps me choose the next reading, sometimes I really can’t choose what to read next. But sometimes they can be overwhelming, and that’s not good. Challenges are great if you have fun doing them, not if you felt the pressure!

      Thank you! πŸ™‚


  2. Marie says:

    Ohh this is such a great challenge, I love it! I’m not usually doing reading challenges and bingos, mostly because it kinds of stresses me out a little bit haha, but that sounds like a lot of fun sometimes as well…. maybe I will have to try πŸ™‚ Best of luck for your bingo!

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  3. crimson613 says:

    i haven’t heard about this challenge but it sounds AWESOME but how does it work exactly? i know in bingo people call numbers and then you check your card to see if you have it but this…?


    • susyscozyworld says:

      In this you make your own card, and you can do it in two ways, mainly: 1) you put in to it books titles that are on your TBR (or in your Wishlist, etc…) and every time you read a book you color or mark (put a sticker on it, or whatever you prefer) the box. For every line, horizontal/vertical/diagonal, you can buy a new book (or you can set another little reward of your choice) and when you complete the entire card you reward yourself bigger.
      2) you don’t put in it books titles but int for reading (a “YA”/ “Book about mental health”/”book with blue cover” whatever…) and the rest is the same as above.
      It’s not something fixed so you can choose how to do it: if you want to finish the card, or you can choose a period of time and see what you can do in it, etc…
      I’m not so good with explanations, so I hope that’s all is clear. If you have any questions ask right away!!!

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