My NaNoWriMo Bullet Journal

NaNoWriMo is coming!!!!!

Hi to everybody! November is almost here and with November also NaNoWriMo is coming! And I am a lit bit more scared every day. But I also really excited about it and today I want to show you my own bullet journal for NaNoWriMo!

And yes, I have a bullet journal just for it and I’m loving it! Yay! When I have chosen to participate in NaNoWriMo I saw a youtube video that made me fall in love with this idea (and it gave me the right thrust to commit fully to NaNoWriMo!). The video was from Boho Berry (and if you click here you can see it for yourself!) and I totally loved it and I needed to do have one for myself!

So here I am to show you my bujo. I love bullet journaling and the idea to have one bujo for one project only was irresistible! And ok, I am also a planner to the core, so I really need a way to organize all the things!


One day or another I would have to draw a cover for him because the first page is blank! I really wanted to write or draw something, but I am not an artistic person and I need a lot of time to get the right idea and inspiration. But time it’s not what I have now, so blank page it is! But I would do something for it, sooner or later!

And now the tour can start! The first pages are the ones dedicated to Color Codex and Index. This is the first time I use the Color Codex, because I do not need it in my normal bujo, but I have to admit that is really useful and I am falling in love with it!


As you can see from the Index I have not planned a lot, sigh! I really wanted to plan a lot of things but I do not think I would finish before November the 1st. But that’s ok all the same, I have planned some important stuff and I can go with it!
Right next to these pages there are two important collections: To Do… October Prep List and Characters’ Name. I really love this two pages and I find them really useful! Even if I did check not even an item! But I will do it really soon… or, at least, I fervently hope it! And I really need a page in wich write down all the name that I like. My memory is not really good and if I do not write down all the things I keep forgetting them!!!!!
And there’s also the first draft of my story. I brainstormed (can I use those words???) a lot of important fact on this page and it was really satisfying.


But you can find a lot more inside this little beauty! There are pages with the first outline of my chapters (and ok, I’ve only outlined four of them, but it’s a start, right?) and some research that I had to do, and also there are pages for the world building and for my characters (again, I’ve just create the main character, but… there is yet some time, right???).

I found a relly interesting post on “how to create your character” on the NaNoWriMo blog. In this post there is a list of 46 questions that you have to answer about your character, and I loved it! So if you click here you can read the list and the complete article! I also tried to draw a map for my world (or better, for the continent in wich my story would develop) but I have already told you that I am not an artistic person, haven’t I?


I would have to add the section about counting the written pages, but I have to take a calendar and count down how many days I could really write and then set a daily and weekly goals that work for me!

So… that’s how I am prepping for November! And you? Are you a planner or a panster? And if you are a planner, how are you planning your NaNoWriMo?

And if you want to add me as a buddy here is the link!

A Little treat: there is a video companion to this blog. The audio is in Italian but the subtitles are in English!

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