I’m really doing it!

Hi to everybody and welcome to Susy’s Cozy World!

I’m Susy and I’m an Italian girl who wants to share her passions! I love to read, I love to plan (I am a bookworm to the core and I may be a planner addict) and I am in love with Korea: I love k-dramas and k-movies (but I like also Japanese movies, dramas, anime and manga) and I am in love with k-beauty, especially k-skincare! (Even if I am a newbie).
But I also love to learn new things and to meet new people, and in particular I really like to learn new languages so I would tell you also about language learning (but I promise I’ll try to not be boring!!!!).


So I finally decided to go online and share the love with all of you! I’d really like to improve my English too, so I have decided to write in English to keep me motivated and in exercise, but this one is not the only reason. I really want to meet new people and meet people from everywhere (and ok, share the love all around the world!!!!) so this is the best solution, don’t you think?

Any advice or suggestion are welcome and if you want to help me improve my English don’t be shy!!!! (Please, pretty please, help me!!!!).

I really hope for you to enjoy the time you will spend here and I hope to see you soon!

A little treat: I’ve chosen to do all the proper things so I’ve also started a youtube channel (wish me good luck!) and here is the first video (my first video ever!!!!!!)

I’m really excited about it but I am also a little bit scared!!!!

I hope to see you soon!


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